It can be a challenge to maximize one’s opportunities and demands at work and home.  Many of us lean into our work and our lives at home as much as we can and at times we feel as though we are falling short in both domains.  If that has been your experience, you are not alone.  We have pulled together a couple of micro practices to help you make the most of your time and to maximize where you are in the present moment.


Take a minute to arrive. When you are in your last minute before walking in the door at work, focus on setting an intention for the day, leaving behind the stress from home including the unfolded laundry and dirty dishes in the sink, and allow yourself to transition into being present at work.

Coming home. Take a minute to arrive. Allow yourself a minute to process the highs and lows of your day.  Acknowledge the setbacks and give yourself permission to feel the emotions that come with the hard work we do.  Then allow yourself a moment to choose how you want to walk through the door.  What do you want to bring with you, and what do you want to leave behind?  How do you want to greet the person / people / pets / plants on the other side of the door?  Be intentional about how you arrive and be aware of the mood you bring with you.

Stressed out? Read this Right as Rain article on 8 ways to destress like an ER doctor.

Time Management

Time Management and Organization

The Art of Productivity article

Time Management slides by Puneet Bhargava, MD and Inbox Zero slides by Mimi Cabrera, MD

Watch the full recording of the January 18, 2024 Time Management and Organization workshop here.



Activities For the Office or Anywhere

The Whole U

The Whole U fosters community, promotes holistic wellness, and shares the great perks available to UW faculty and staff.

It also offers several events that can be found here.

Office Exercise

Trouble fitting in a trip to the gym? Break up your time in the office with exercise.

Exercise Rx

Exercise Rx is a webtool that helps you find free and low-cost exercise resources in your area. It also helps faculty prescribe exercise in clinical settings (linked to EPIC).

Exercise Apps

7-Minute Workout: Become your own personal trainer to lose weight and get fit with fast, simple daily workouts. There are 17 high-intensity bodyweight exercises, 30 seconds per exercise, 10-second rest between exercises.

30 Day Fitness Challenges: Start training today to see tangible results and get fit! New workouts, fitness plans, and activities with the HD video tutorial. Get your whole body toned and feel like the best version of yourself. Features include hundreds of exercises carefully selected for you, video instructions for all the routines, and view of your workout history to track the progress you achieved.

Polar Beat: Run & Fitness: Polar Beat is the ultimate free sports and fitness tracker app from the pioneer wearable sports technology. Running, cycling, gym, walking, dance. Choose your favorite activity from 100+ sports profiles and start reaching your goals.

Yoga with Adriene: This YouTube channel welcomes all levels, all bodies, all genders. Find a practice that suits your mood or starts a journey toward healing. Work up a sweat, or calm and relieve a tired mind and body.

National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability: The NCHPAD is a public health practice and resource center on health promotion for people with disabilities.

Physical Activity Guidelines

View the updated physical activity guidelines from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.