The Center for Learning and Innovation in Medical Education (CLIME) was established in 2012 to advance and support health professions education throughout the WWAMI region, and to promote an integrated continuum of medical, graduate and lifelong education at all levels. We do this using state of the art methods, approaches, and activities.

Meet the CLIME leadership team!


Small Grant Awards Program

The CLIME competitive small grant awards program supports innovative medical education research and curricular projects, locally and across the WWAMI region. $20,000 is distributed each year to support projects at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Work in Progress

Sessions in which faculty from across departments present their educational research at any stage of development to other colleagues in a friendly, safe environment with dedicated time for feedback from the group in order to develop an idea, refine a grant, or critique an abstract or manuscript.

Medical Education Research Certificate (MERC) Program

A longitudinal program in partnership with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) consisting of six workshops intended for clinicians and other educators who desire to expand their scope of research skills to facilitate collaborative participation in medical education research projects.

Teaching Resources

An accessible platform to help faculty develop their teaching skills. Learning modules that are continually updated and modified as the education programs for medical students and residents evolve.

Classroom Teaching

Resources for faculty to gain foundational knowledge and skills in curriculum, teaching and assessing, and work to continually improve those skills. 

Clinical Teaching

Resources for faculty that encourage their learning, self-improvement, and development as clinicians. Learn strategies to address challenges that might arise in clinical teaching. Learning modules and more information is available here.

Teaching for Equity and Social Justice