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Materials From Past Workshops

Adoptions and Surrogacy

Faculty Development Day

Advancing Healthcare Equity in UW School of Medicine by Patricia Dawson, MD, PhD, FACS

In-The-Moment Approaches for Addressing Microaggressions by Roberto Montenegro, MD, PhD and Daniel Cabrera, MD, PhD

Practice Scenarios: Responding to Microaggressions from Patients by Roberto Montenegro, MD, PhD and Daniel Cabrera, MD, PhD

Faculty Hiring Staff: Best Practices

Fertility and Family Planning for Those in Medicine and Science

Speaker: Rachel M. Whynott, MD

You may view the full presentation recording here.

How to Create a Teaching Portfolio

How to Create a Teaching Portfolio slides by Andy Luks, MD

For other materials related to teaching portfolios, visit our teaching skills page.

You may view the 2024 workshop recording here.

Leadership Series: Creating High Performing Teams

Creating High Performing Teams Slides by Keri Nasenbeny, RN, MHA and Trish Kritek, MD, EdM

Teaming Handout Worksheet

View the workshop recording here.

Leadership Series: Healthcare Finance 101

Slides – Healthcare Finance 101

View the October 24, 2023 workshop recording here by Matt Lund and Mike Myint (UW NetID login required)

Leadership Series: How to Be an Effective Mentor/Sponsor

Leadership Series: Leading Change

Leading Change slides by Lauge Sokol-Hessner, MD, CPPS

View the workshop recording here.

Leadership Series: Strategies for Effective Communication

Strategies for Effective Communication Slides by Trish Kritek, MD, EdM and Anne Browning, PhD

View the workshop recording here and the transcript here.

Mid-Career Faculty: You Got Promoted to Associate Professor, Now What?

Preparing for Your Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor

Thrivecast Podcast

Find all episodes of Thrivecast here!

Hosted by Trish Kritek, MD, EdM, University of Washington School of Medicine Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. This podcast is for faculty and provides tips to help clinicians, educators, and researchers thrive professionally in their careers, covering topics from time management and organization to leadership and self-advocacy.

You can find Thrivecast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Time Management and Organization

The Art of Productivity article

Time Management slides by Puneet Bhargava, MD and Inbox Zero slides by Mimi Cabrera, MD

Watch the full recording of the January 18, 2024 Time Management and Organization workshop here.

Women Faculty Day 2022

Striving for Gender Equity by Mimi Cabrera, MD

Restorative Justice by Adrienne Morgan, PhD

Sexual Harassment: The Clock Still Hasn’t Run Out by Arghavan Salles, MD, PhD

Watch the full recording of the February 17th, 2022 Women Faculty Day here.

Women Faculty Leadership Series

A New Leadership Style: Watch the recording here

Commanding the Respect Your Science Deserves: How to Give a Great Scientific Talk: Watch the recording here

Engaging in Advocacy: Watch the recording here