The Office of Faculty Affairs, in collaboration with the Office of Healthcare Equity, have launched programming to support our underrepresented in medicine and science (URMS) faculty across all departments. Dr. Kemi Doll led this effort through June 2022, in her role as the inaugural Director of URM Faculty Development. A new Assistant Dean for URMS Career Development will be announced in the coming months and will be taking over this work. We are investing in this important work to ensure the success, retention, and recruitment of URMS faculty, and to realize the UW Medicine mission of an anti-racist institution that maximizes the potential of all faculty to improve the health of the public. By actively supporting the success of our URMS faculty through collaborations and building community, we will be able to strengthen retention and bolster recruitment.


Success for Underrepresented Faculty (SURF) Program

In 2021, launched the SURF program. This is a small-group 12-month program focused on career development, coaching, and peer co-learning and the first pilot cohort began in September 2021.

Over the year-long program, we cover topics important to career navigation, productivity, mentor and leader relationships, and future planning. Participants commit to attend monthly group trainings and monthly 1:1 coaching support in the critical early phases of career development. We currently accept up to 10 faculty per cycle.

To date, there is no way to consistently identify URM faculty members to ensure connection to these new initiatives. Racial/Ethnic Underrepresented Minority Faculty (also more recently referred to as ‘historically excluded’ in medicine or underrepresented in medicine) refer to faculty who identify as Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, American Indian/Native American, Bruneian, Burmese (Myanmarese), Cambodian, Timorese, Indonesian, Lao, Malaysian, Pilipino, Singaporean, Thai, and Vietnamese.  To that end, we encourage you to complete this survey to help facilitate our outreach to identify faculty who may benefit from this programming.

Inaugural Cohort Members

Ashley Austin, MD  Sports Medicine
Dr. Austin is a sports medicine and family medicine physician who felt that academic medicine was a natural progression for her after fellowship at the University of Washington. She likes the combined aspects of teaching, research, and the continued accountability for intellectual advancement. She sought out this career to serve all community populations who are motivated to return to their respective playing fields. She appreciates the versatility of her primary care sports medicine skills that provide both family medicine and sports medicine expertise to her patients in a minimally invasive, non-operative fashion. She especially enjoys taking care of underrepresented athletes as well as female athletes. Her goal is to provide exceptional care and be an advocate for the wellbeing of her patients. She understands the value of the concept of “team” and intentionally chose medicine as a field that thrives on teamwork and collaboration.


Breana Taylor, MD  Neurology
Breana “Bre” Taylor is Vascular Neurologist at Harborview Medical Center and a clinician educator at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Through her work with the UW Colleges program, UWSOM Mind Brain and Behavior course, and through her development of a Neuropalliative Care Curriculum for the UW Neurology residency program she strives to advance the education of trainees in the areas of Neurology and Neuropalliative care. She also seeks to change the narrative of what it means to be a physician via leading by example, providing mentorship and opportunities to a diverse group of future and current physicians, as well as delivering exceptional and compassionate care to patients who suffer from stroke and other neurological diseases.


Do-Quyen Pham, MD, MPH  Pediatrics
I come from a family of Vietnamese refugees and immigrants. I grew up in Louisiana, then pursued education in Boston, New Orleans, and Norfolk, prior to joining the University of Washington as a fellow, then faculty. The circumstances in which my family left our home have always inspired me to be an active participant in the communities that have embraced me. As a member of this community and an Adolescent Medicine physician, my passion is to improve healthcare access for vulnerable youth and young adults through community partnerships and the promotion of interprofessional collaboration so that all adolescents, regardless of background, can reach their potential. Dr. Do-Quyen Pham is an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics.


Monica Campo Patino, MD, MPH  Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
Monica Campo Patino, MD, MPH is a physician scientist in the Department of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Medicine division. As a first-generation physician, she is committed to excellent and compassionate patient care particularly for those with diverse backgrounds and immigrant populations. Dr. Campo’s research focus is to discover new therapies for patients with respiratory infections.

Ata Moshiri, MD, MPH  Dermatology
Dr. Moshiri is an investigational dermatologist and dermatopathologist specializing in skin cancer, with a particular focus in melanoma and pigmented lesions, and is interested in using the emerging tools of molecular biology, advanced imaging and artificial intelligence to better diagnose and manage these entities. His research is primarily focused around using advanced immunohistochemical techniques to characterize the tumor microenvironment with the hopes of identifying why some patients respond well to advanced cancer therapy and why others do not. He is also focused on expanding the dermatopathology service at the University of Washington and growing its reputation as a regional and national consultative resource. He enjoys lecturing to medical students, residents, and peers, and is actively involved in various local, regional, and national organizations while serving in leadership roles in several. 


Claudia Moreno, PhD  Physiology and Biophysics
Since I was a kid, I always envisioned myself as a scientist, one of those discovering nature’s mysteries from a lab bench. Because of my background, the chances of me making that dream real were very low. But here I am, leading a research group to discover how aging shapes the way our heart works and training other young scientists to help them reach their dreams too. Dr. Claudia Moreno is an Assistant Professor in Physiology & Biophysics. 


Kendra Liljenquist, PhD  Pediatrics
Dr. Kendra Liljenquist is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Primary Investigator at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Informed by her personal experiences regarding how social and physical environments affect child development, Dr. Liljenquist’s research focuses on addressing economic and racial disparities in child development outcomes. In this work, she partners with families in the communities she grew up in, to inform best practices for pediatric preventive care at local, regional, and national levels. Dr. Liljenquist’s current work centers on designing a new approach to developmental screening that draws on the strengths of communities and incorporates diverse perspectives on child development and support needs.


Niviann Blondet, MD  Pediatrics
I’m a pediatric gastroenterologist and transplant hepatologist currently practicing at Seattle Children’s Hospital. My clinical and research interest is in fatty liver disease but have a passion for teaching and mentoring and serve as the Program Director of the Pediatric Transplant Hepatology Fellowship Program. As an underrepresented minority woman in subspecialty medicine, I’m aware of the importance of equity and diversity in the training and clinical environment, as well as the importance of having diverse representation in the leadership setting. As a scholar of the SURF Program, I’m hoping to develop leadership skills that will help me become a positive influence and role model, and an effective and trustworthy leader in order to have a greater impact within my institution and community. Dr. Niviann Blondet is an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics.