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As members of UW Medicine are completing their well-being grant projects, we are highlighting the diverse, creative, team-building projects. See our first theme of grants in the UW Medicine Huddle story below, and check back soon for additional project highlights!


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Grants

Across UW Medicine, employees are championing equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives to grow and support the well-being of our community. From a book club to incorporating an equity lens into critical care curriculum, here is a small snapshot of a day in the life of employee-started initiatives funded by UW Medicine’s Well-Being Grants.

Read the full story featuring several grant projects at the UW Medicine Huddle here.



UW Medicine is pleased to announce our first UW Medicine Well-Being Grant winners! These grants are possible thanks to a generous donation of $250,000 to support the well-being of our community. Grants will support impactful activities, programming, projects, and applied research that aligns with the goals of our well-being work aimed at improving the workplace and learning environment for our community.

Our grant review committee has been so impressed with the creativity and thoughtfulness of the ideas we received. In total, we received 311 proposals from across UW Medicine. It has been a humbling task to figure out how to spread the funding as broadly as possible to maximize the potential impact on our community. We had $1,032,500 in total requests – which is amazing given the $5000 maximum request per grant. We are thrilled to share the 202 full and partially funded grants for 2023 representing a 65% funding rate for the proposals we received.


View grants awarded by each UW Medicine entity at the links below

Harborview Medical Center
School of Medicine
UW Medical Center Montlake
UW Medical Center Northwest
UW Primary Care
Shared, Multiple Sites, and Affiliates

Frequently Asked Questions

Our project has been completed – what do I need to do now to report on how it met the well-being goals we stated in our application?

Congratulations on completing your well-being grant project!

Please tell us about your project here. We plan to highlight some of the projects in the future to share the positive impact of these grants on the well-being of our community

When will I receive the funding I was awarded?

Due to the University of Washington update to financial systems, Finance Transformation, we are experiencing delays in identifying the best way to disperse grant funds. We hope to disperse all funds between August 2023 – October 2023. 

If I have an invoice due now that needs to be paid to implement part of my grant, how can I get those funds immediately?

Please contact the Well-Being team at regarding any costs that are due now or will be due within 30 days. We will work with you to manage these invoices. Title the email with the subject line “Urgent Well Being Grant Cost – Project Title”.  

If I receive a grant, is there a deadline for completing my project?

You will have until August 31, 2024 to implement and complete your project.

Funds will be provided to a leader who has budget authority and released per UW internal standard accounting requirements. Granted funds will need to be applied to a cost center and possibly a worktag.

Who is on the grant selection committee?

A Grants Review Committee will review each application. The committee consists of members representing groups across UW Medicine.

Anne Browning
School of Medicine
Chantal Cayo
UW Primary Care

Marie Cockerham
UWMC Nursing

Juan Escalante
HMC Staff

Sharona Gordon
Biomedical Research

Paula Houston
Healthcare Equity

Andrea Kalus
UWMC Faculty

Sara Kim
School of Medicine

Lisa Pierce
Faculty Affairs

Howard Schafer

Sam Sharar
HMC Faculty

Marie Westermeier

Human Resources

Allyson Weymier

HMC Nursing

Are there guidelines of how the funds can be spent?

Guidelines for the grants are as follows:

  • Funds will not be distributed to individuals
  • Funds cannot be used to pay salaries
  • Food is acceptable if consistent with UW policies and guidelines