This page is run by the Dean’s Standing Committee on Women in Medicine and Science. It is a place to provide resources for and highlight the work of our UW School of Medicine women faculty.


About the Committee on Women in Medicine and Science

Mission Statement

The mission of this committee is to foster career development and wellness as well as address gender inequities in hiring, compensation, and advancement among women faculty members for the benefit of all members of the School of Medicine.

Specific aims include:

  • Increasing opportunities for promotion, tenure, and leadership for women faculty in teaching, research, clinical care and administration
  • Assessing departmental practices to ensure equity and transparency in hiring, salary, and promotion
  • Enhancing and developing programs to support women faculty through mentoring, career advising, and education
  • Advocating for women faculty in areas of professional and personal need including direct and indirect support for work/life integration
  • Institute educational programs and awareness on implicit bias and means to counter it
  • Actively working to sponsor the next generation of women in medicine and science

Committee on Women in Medicine and Science Members 2021-2022

Alice Ellyson Acting Assistant Professor, Pediatrics Mimi Cabrera (Chair) Associate Professor, Ophthalmology
Anne Slater Associate Professor, Pediatrics Monique Mogensen Assistant Professor, Radiology
Bonnie Lau Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology Nisha Bansal Associate Professor, Medicine
Bukola Ojo Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Sarah Geneser Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
Deepti Reddi Acting Assistant Professor, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology Shannon Oda Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Jeanne Cawse-Lucas Associate Professor, Family Medicine Shannon Simmons Assistant Professor, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Jennifer Best Associate Professor, Medicine Smita Yadav Assistant Professor, Pharmacology
Jennifer Yu Associate Professor, Ophthalmology Stephanie Page Professor, Medicine
Kari Nelson Professor, Medicine Sujatha Buddhe Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Katherine DeNiro Acting Assistant Professor, Medicine Suzette Sutherland Associate Professor, Urology
Lara Oyetunji Assistant Professor, Surgery Trish Kritek Professor, Medicine
Leah Yoke Physician Assistant, Medicine Wei Wu Senior Research Fellow, Radiology

Highlights and Recognitions

Drs. Kristine Calhoun and Judith Pauwels both received the annual Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women Faculty. This award recognizes faculty members who are creating the next generation of leaders and mentors.

Five faculty members and one affiliate professor, including three School of Medicine department faculty, at the University of Washington are among 120 new members and 30 international members elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Mary-Claire King, PhD: 2021 Gairdner Award

We have collated dozens of highlights from our amazing women faculty members across departments in the School of Medicine.

You may read through them here.

Congratulations to the outstanding @AbbyRosenbergMD for winning the junior faculty Award for Excellence in #Mentoring Women Faculty! You have set an amazing example and we thank you for your dedication to so many women faculty. @UWMedicine

Looking to develop your teaching presence? Want tips on how to #teach large groups? Learn essentials from the outstanding Dr. Margaret Isaac in our latest Thrivecast episode @UWMedicine @pkritek #MedEd #WomenInMedicine #WomenInScience

In case no one else tells you this week,
You are enough.
You belong here.
You have nothing to prove.

Now - carry on doing exactly what you came here to do. 👏🏾


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Sponsored Programs and Awards

AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar

Each year, the Dean’s Committee on Women in Medicine and Science sponsors two early career women faculty members to attend this program.

AAMC Mid-Career Women Faculty Leadership Development Seminar

Each year, the Dean’s Committee on Women in Medicine and Science sponsors one mid-career woman faculty member to attend this program.

Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women Faculty

Each year, the Dean’s Standing Committee on Women in Medicine and Science presents the UW Medicine Award for Excellence in Mentoring Women Faculty.