We have had a challenging couple of years with COVID-19 added to the fast paced and demanding work of improving the health of our community.  For the UW Medicine Well-Being survey, we strategically selected questions that can lead to actionable outcomes. Please view the video below from Dr. Anne Browning, Associate Dean for Well-Being, on the results from the inaugural survey that included faculty, APPs, and trainees who work in clinical environments.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the UW Medicine Well-Being Survey.

You may read the full privacy statement here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing a well-being survey?

UW Medicine is committed to improving the well-being and professional fulfillment of our healthcare professionals. This new survey is the first step in a robust improvement cycle involving all clinical departments in the School of Medicine. A high response rate is vital to ensure that the results accurately represent the experience of our healthcare teams and that your voice is heard. Your responses will help us take data-driven actions to improve our practice environment and help guide system-level improvements to increase both the quality of care we provide as well as the well-being and professional fulfillment of our team members.

Why was this survey created?

Based on the responses of healthcare professionals to well-being questions on previous Press Ganey surveys, we understood that a deeper assessment of clinician well-being was needed. UW Medicine is not alone in identifying challenges to well-being within healthcare.  To join with others in solutions, we have joined the Stanford-based Healthcare Professional Well-being Academic Consortium (PWAC).  Our participation in PWAC allows us to benchmark our data across 20+ other academic medical centers.

Who has been invited to take this survey?

In 2022, we will pilot the survey with our faculty in clinical departments, our advanced practice providers, and our residents and fellows – 5,773 people in total.  We hope to expand broadly to staff and faculty in non-clinical departments next year.

When will this survey be available?

The survey will be open from May 17th, 2022 until June 28th, 2022.

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete. You may return on to the survey on the same browser to complete it at a later time if needed.

Where do I find my personal link to take the survey?

An email invitation from Anne Browning, Assist. Dean for Well-Being using the email address surveys@sullivanluallingroup.com will be sent to all eligible individuals on Tuesday, May 17 with a personal link to the online survey. Periodic email reminders, containing the same personal email link, will be sent to those who haven’t responded until June 28, when the survey closes. The survey can be completed in one session or in multiple sessions using the same link, device and browser.

If you have trouble finding the survey invitation email or reminders, please search your inbox or spam folder using the hashtag: #2022UWWellbeingsurvey.






How will my privacy be ensured?

We take your privacy seriously and want you to feel comfortable responding honestly.  To intentionally build separation between UW Medicine and raw response data, the survey is being administered by the SullivanLuallin Group, an independent survey administrator.

Are my responses confidential?

Yes.  Identifiable personal data will not be shared with UW Medicine for any reason. Data released for any approved purpose will first be de-identified by removing any personal identifying information including combinations of demographic, department, or academic rank information that are unique to any group of fewer than five individuals. Your information will become part of a database that is reported only in aggregate.

SullivanLuallin Group will conduct the survey through ServiceSTAT – a cloud-based tool for creating and administering online surveys. The database will be stored using the resources of Microsoft’s Azure on a password-protected, encrypted computer system that is HIPAA compliant and has limited access and is in a locked office in a controlled facility.

What categories of personal information are collected and what types of questions are asked?

The online surveys identify you by your e-mail address, used to confidentially link your responses across time. The surveys collect the following information: age, gender, relationship status, department/specialty, training status, academic rank, race/ethnicity, practice environment, experience at work, work related stress and burnout, sleep, and workload.

When will the results be available and what happens with the information gathered?

Organization-wide survey results will be shared with all participating groups by August 2022; UW Medicine leaders will also receive organizational data. Department and division-specific results will be disseminated in August and September 2022 to department and division leaders through meetings with our well-being team to discuss actionable next steps. Department and division leaders will then share the results with their teams work to incorporate results into local improvement projects.

Whom should I contact with questions and concerns?

Please reach out to our Assistant Dean for Well-Being, Dr. Anne Browning (UWM-Wellbeing@uw.edu) with questions.