All of our events this year will be by Zoom unless otherwise indicated. Zoom connection information will be provided in the week prior to each event for those registered.
We will record all events and post them to our events page afterward along with any pertinent materials.


For events from the following groups, please visit their calendars:

CLIME (Center for Leadership and Innovation in Medical Education)

CME (Continuing Medical Education)

ITHS (Institute of Translational Health Sciences) Faculty Development Career Series

UW GME Office (Graduate Medical Education)

Skills for the Busy Faculty Member: Time Management and Organization

Learn principles of productivity and creativity to manage your time and work. In one of our most popular events of the year, Dr. Puneet Bhargava (Department of Radiology) will provide tips and experience to help you learn principles of productivity and creativity. You will learn and practice strategies for managing your email as well as


Naming Racism in Real-time: Can You Handle the Truth?

Description: Participants will 1) review cases of unintended/unanticipated racism that are revealed by students in real-time while teaching, 2) engage in self-reflection, 3) learn and apply anti-oppressive facilitation techniques, and 4) explore the White Supremacy milieu/culture that is the context for these incidents Learning Objectives: Identify how their own biases, blind spots, and vulnerabilities contribute to these incidents Apply anti-oppressive facilitation techniques Recognize these


Leadership Development Series: Creating High Performing Teams

In this session, we will focus on a framework for leading and engaging teams in more effective ways. Whether in the operating room, the clinic or the lab, the best results come when we are able to work collaboratively. Despite best intentions, making this happen can sometimes be challenging. In this workshop, part of our four-part


Preparing for Your Promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor

Promotions process at UW School of Medicine from Assistant to Associate Professor This workshop offers an overview of promotions and the promotion process in the School of Medicine, as well as practical advice about teaching portfolios. It is relevant for physician scientists, clinician teachers and basic scientists. This program does not cover the promotion process


Leadership Development Series: Strategies for Effective Communication

This session will focus on strategies to enhance effective communication in a variety of different venues This session in our faculty leadership development series will focus on strategies to enhance effective communication in a variety of different venues. Whether it is being a member of a team, giving performance related feedback, or simply sharing your


2021 CLIME Together Symposium

The University of Washington (UW) Center for Leadership and Innovation in Medical Education (CLIME) invites all health sciences educators to participate in its 6th annual CLIME Together Symposium for Excellence in Health Professions Education on Friday, June 11, 2021 via Zoom.Come meet other members of UW’s vibrant community of educators and participate in a half-day