LEAD Academy

This year, the Washington State Hospital Association is offering the LEAD Academy virtually only​.  In the virtual option, you can participate in the LEAD Academy remotely from your computer or tablet.  Before signing up, please check to see if you have a computer, tablet or phone that meets the minimum technical requirements.

The Virtual LEAD is offered through the Zoom platform.  Because Internet and technical options can sometimes be better at home or at work, courses are offered first thing in the morning and towards the end of the day.  This will allow participants the flexibility of either taking the course at home or at work before or after their work day.

There are 12 modules in total and each module in the virtual option is 2 hours and 30 minutes long.  Each module is offered live with a facilitator so that you can work with other participants to deepen your leadership skills.  Pre-recorded, also called asynchronous, training is not available.  To participate you must be available during the scheduled times.

Program Objectives:
At the conclusion of the LEAD Academy, participating health care managers will be able to:
  • Improve the performance of the people and groups that report to them
  • Enhance their contribution to the achievement of facility and system objectives
  • Increase their own self management skills during everyday and stressful situations​