For UW Medical Center Montlake and Northwest Campuses, Harborview Medical Center, and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, the process of obtaining medical staff privileges is handled by the Office of Medical Staff Appointments (OMSA). This process is initiated by the submission of an RMA form (Request for Medical Staff Appointment form). Once an OMSA RMA has been submitted, OMSA will work directly with the candidate to submit the paperwork necessary to complete the review and appointment process at the institutional level. This process is concurrent with the process of acquiring the paperwork for a faculty appointment package.

Candidates need to be reminded that these are separate processes and there will be requests that are often duplicative as a result. Once OMSA has compiled a complete privileging package for review, the entire package is distributed to the hiring division and the department for review and signature.  Department staff return the approved package to OMSA for review by the credentialing approval committees.

If you have questions about this process, please start with your division or department administrator.

To contact OMSA, call 206-543-1002 or email