Resources to Resolve Workplace Issues

Office of the Ombud

The Office of the Ombud serves the entire University of Washington community by providing high quality, client-focused services for preventing, managing, and resolving conflict at the university.

Faculty Liaison Program

The Faculty Liaisons are a new resource created in partnership by the President’s Office and the faculty leadership to support faculty attempting to navigate workplace conflict or who find themselves engaged in formal university processes (e.g., Faculty Code, Section 25-71, and Section 27-31). The Faculty Liaisons provide direct, colleague-to-colleague support, and timely information to faculty with the goal of supporting personal agency. The Liaisons are not intended to serve as representative or advocates for faculty members but to support and promote resolution.

Civil Rights Investigation Office

The Civil Rights Investigation Office investigates complaints that a University employee has violated the University’s non-discrimination and/ or non-retaliation policies. An investigation may be requested either by an individual or by the administrative head of a University organization.