Mimi Cabrera, MD


There are nearly 24,000 ophthalmologists in the United States, with 500 physicians newly entering the ophthalmology field each year and approximately half of those being women. Although women now represent approximately half of all ophthalmologists, gender disparities remain when it comes to certain subspecialties (e.g., surgical retina), leadership roles (e.g., department chairs), industry involvement (e.g., consultancy and advisory board positions), and even academic publications. There has been a recently heightened interest in female representation in this field which has manifested in several ways (e.g., conferences geared towards women in ophthalmology, non-peer-reviewed publications about women in ophthalmology, and mentorship programs specifically for women). This book is the first of its kind in procuring and disseminating information—pertaining to both career and life—in an organized, concrete, and enduring way.

Women in Ophthalmology is a comprehensive collection of chapters primarily written by women in the field of ophthalmology. The book aims to guide others through milestones and challenges women may face during their careers, and shares sound insights into how to deal with unique issues both inside and outside the workplace. Topics that are widely applicable to all who work in ophthalmology are included, such as finding mentors, collaborating within industry, handling work-life balance, and seeking out leadership opportunities. Each chapter combines personal anecdotes with knowledge from leaders in the field which both men and women will find highly valuable.

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