A teaching portfolio is required for regular faculty (lecturers, assistant professors and associate professors) who are being considered for promotion. The teaching portfolio is a critical document in the promotion review process, particularly at the school and provost levels. The portfolio represents your teaching record and is used to assess the quality and value of teaching and mentoring interactions with students, residents, fellows, practicing physicians, and other professionals.

How to Create a Teaching Portfolio slides by Andy Luks, MD
You may view the 2023 teaching portfolio workshop recording here.

Writing a Memorable Teaching Philosophy article
Sample teaching philosophy statements
Self-reflection on teaching

Department of Medicine resources

Duplicate and customize this peer teaching evaluation template. Then share it and select the QR code option and place the QR code into your slides for presentations to receive immediate feedback.

Additional teaching evaluation forms are below:
Teaching portfolio guidelines and resources

Clinical peer evaluation form
Teaching peer evaluation form
Research mentor evaluation form
How to create a teaching portfolio
Teaching portfolio outline
Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Below are two example teaching portfolios and self-assessments for you to consider as you plan your path to promotion.

Example teaching portfolio 1 (published with permission)
Example self-assessment 1 (published with permission)
Example teaching portfolio 2 (published with permission)
Example self-assessment 2 (published with permission)